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I received my first ever spray tan from No Shade before a wedding last fall and now it's part of my monthly routine! I'm naturally very fair, I don't tan easily, and self tanner always makes me orange. After my spray I felt so amazing & confident! I drive over an hour for No Shade and it's 100% worth it!

I just have to say how impressed I was with the spray tan from No Shade! It faded off so naturally too, not patchy or messy. With other tans I've had to hide out for a day or two and scrub like crazy after the first week to make it not look like I had a weird skin condition. Not with No Shade! It lasted at least a full week and then gradually faded away.

Wonderful experience! Holly made me feel so comfortable in a matter of seconds and she was super quick, efficient, and most importantly, effective! I followed all of Holly's pre- and post-spray tan tips and tricks and it lasted well beyond the 7-day average. I got the spray tan for a trip to Cancun and arrived looking bronzed, not orange, with barely any evidence of spray tan!

prepping for your appointment

24-48 hours before your appointment:

 shower, exfoliate & shave any unwanted body hair.

The day of your appointment:

Avoid Dove body wash or thick body washes with excessive moisturizers. refrain from putting on lotions, shaving cream or deodorant.

What to wear during your spray:

During your spray: As little as you're comfortable with. Some go completely naked,some wear just bottoms, some a full bathing suit. Your comfort matters most!

After your spray:

wear Loose & baggy clothes. Rinse & follow post-care instructions from your No Shade Spray Tan Technician. AFter rinsing, moisturize & resume life as usual-Including working out!

post-spray tan care

1. Avoid water + sweating while your spray tan is developing.

2.Rinse with lukewarm water at the time given to you by your spray tan artist. NO SOAP. This should be a quick rinse just until the water going down the drain is clear. Scrub your feet during that first rinse. Pat dry with a towel.

3. Your tan will continue to develop deeper and darker over the next 24 hours. Avoid using soap for at least 12 hours from your first rinse.

4. Use a spray tan safe body lotion daily (we have an amazing one!). This is KEY to long lasting and even fading color.

5. When your tan is beginning to dramatically fade- exfoliate it off and begin again! Limit time spent in Chlorine and Salt Water- if this is unavoidable, moisturize even more!


After your spray:

I'm in love with my spray tan! It's boosted my confidence and I have gotten lots of compliments so far. Definitely will be booking again.

Got my first spray tan with y'all last week and will absolutely be back! Love the way it looks! So even and glowy!

Holly was so amazing all the way around! Holly was so sweet and down to earth and she was very knowledgeable about her product and technique, which is so amazing! I will 100% tan with her again in the future and I can’t recommend her enough! So happy!!😊